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About Me

Thank you for visiting Holy Moments!  Holy Moments® can now also be found on Etsy (www.etsy.com/shop/HolyMomentsDotCom).  Everything on Etsy is on this main website; however, the Etsy shop has a limited selection of products.

I am a married mother of two teenagers and live in Saint Louis, Missouri.  For many years, I did not attend church or pray, but instead focused on the world's definition of success.  A crisis pregnancy drew me back to God.  A few years later, a retreat brought "Godwinks" and holy moments to life for me.  I participated on or led various retreat teams and love the holy energy of retreats.  

Prompted by God during a retreat, I founded and ran a non-profit service organization for 6 years as a volunteer.  I created opportunities for parents to work side by side with their children helping those less fortunate.  I stepped out of that role when my dear mother was diagnosed and dying from liver cancer. 

After my mother passed, I felt a calling to a new mission--to help people live more beautiful, holy moments, in their everyday lives while financially supporting non-profits.  I want to bring the holy energy of a retreat to the everyday. 

The artisan jewelry, rosaries and chaplets are unique to Holy Moments®.  Many pieces are only a few of a kind due to limited availability of certain gemstones or hand cast items.  New, exciting products are always being added.

You are never fully dressed without a cross!  Show the world who you are and whose you are.  

A portion of profits are donated to the Cancer Research Institute in New York, a leader in immunotherapy research.  

Holy Moments to you!

Suzanne // founder & designer


Holy Moments Vendor Table at the St. Louis Catholic Women's Conference